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$2500 VS. $400 Long Range Scope what do you really get?

Posted on July 05 2018

Have you ever wonder what do you get when you buy a relatively cheap scope? Is it really that much different when you "invest" thousands of dollars on a new glass? Well, the Long Rage Shooting community seems to lean towards YES. But in my own experience, you are the one that makes the tool. Shooting is an expensive hobby as is, therefore we need to be mindful and conscious of the purchases we make.  Here an article that we hope would shine a light on this matter.

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  • Ray Sima: October 24, 2018

    Hi I’m just contacting you because i ordered a mag extender for my glock 26 on Sunday. The order tracking number i received still says my package hasn’t been given a receipt yet, and now the item shows it’s sold out. I just wanted to know if it was on hold or on it’s way. Thank you.

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