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Gen 2 Glock 43 Skeleton Holster

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The all new Gen2 PHLster Skeleton Holster is the next evolution of concealed-carry solutions.

Minimalism should be more than just an appearance.
When revising our classic Skeleton Holster, our goal was to reduce both the production time and the cost of this popular minimalist AIWB carry solution.
Technological improvements allowed us to increase our efficiency, improve the appearance and feel of the holster, and deliver it faster at a reduced price.

Due to our ability to produce a cleaner, more consistent, precise mold, we’ve added a lateral axis of retention to the Skeleton, enabling a unique two-piece design. This eliminates two entire time consuming steps of the production process, reducing expensive hand-work and reducing the price.

The minimalist Skeleton is now more available and more affordable than ever before, without making a single quality or security compromise.

The Skeleton carries over classic features like the tuckable strut and loop system, adjustable for height, angle and right/left-handedness.

This holster fits Glock model 43 handguns. You can put a 42 in it, but it won’t fit perfectly. If you buy this for your Glock 42 and realize it doesn’t work, tough luck buddy. If you buy the wrong holster and figure out it doesn’t fit your gun because you failed to read this, we’re not going to give you a refund, we don’t sell used holsters.

When your life depends on a concealed firearm, choose capability over compromise.